Стилистический анализ текста: Joyce Carry “Period Piece”

The text under stylistic analysis is written by Joyce Carry. It deals with the author;s emotions and feelings towards Clare, Tutin;s wife, who lost her husband.

This text is about one businessman Tutin who tell in love with his secretary and wanted a divorce.

After having a conversation with his husband, Clare was resigned after all. She thought it would be stupid to try to hold him against his will and he;d only hate her.

Then we meet an Old Mrs. Beer who was the widow of a canon. This comparison the author used to show us that the old lady became a widow long ago and probably used to live alone.

Then the author describes her appearance and her character. She was a short, stout woman with a red face and a heavy jaw – a pugnacious and indomitable face. And having known this description we can say it was a bossy person who liked to give orders to other people.

The author compare her face with the faces in boxing booths, who have been in the ring all their lives and lost all their fight but still follow the game, in order to show that she already “lost her fight”, but anyway like giving arbitrary commands.

And when she got to know about this arrangement she came without any warning and broke into Tutin;s office, with an umbrella in hand as if about to beat him. This comparison author used to underline she had very serious intentions as to his son-in-low.

“This was in the presence of the secretary who was taking a dictation – not Phyllis was no longer a secretary”.

And to describe Phyllis wit the author uses irony: ” thoroughly reliable person” which was chosen specially to her future husband.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Joyce Carry “Period Piece”