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Your pastime and hobby

Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbies differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life

Restaurants (part 1)

A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages to be consumed on the premises. The term covers a multiplicity of venues and a diversity of styles of cuisine. Restaurants are sometimes

Секрет – Secret

Sometimes in your life and in my life we have difficult moments. I want to share with a secret how to escape such as moments. I have utilized my leadership skills in handling any

Why Are Stephenie Meyer`s Books So Popular With Youngsters?

Originally published in 2005 and translated into 37 different languages, Twilight became not only the biggest selling book of the year, but also something like the Bible for the young who are fond of

Decembrists in Zabaikalye

The history of our town is inseparable from the uprising on Senate Square in St. Petersburg of December 14, 1825. The participants of the uprising, who could not reconcile themselves to the existing order,

The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It occupies about one-seventh of the earth’s surface. It’s total area is about 17 million square kilometers. The country is washed by 12 seas


The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the

Духи – “J`adore” от Christian Dior – Description of one of the famous perfumes – “J`adore” and explanation of its importance to me

Last year, having dropped in one of the cosmetics shops, I came across there a long line of bottles filled with majestic aromas of various perfumes, but one of those little bottles caught my

Визначні пам’ятки Лондона. Places of Interest in London

У Лондоні дуже багато визначних пам’яток. Серед них: Вестмінстерське абатство, будинок Парламенту, Букін-гемський палац, собор Святого Павла, Лондонський міст і Тауер. Лондон розташований на ріці Темза. Проходячи по Тауерському мосту, ви відразу бачите лондонський

Russian Moskva

Moscow is the capital of Russia. The city is located in western Russia and lies in the broad, shallow valley of the Moskva River, a tributary of the Oka and thus of the Volga,