Стилистический анализ текста: Angus Wilson “A Bit off the Map”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “A bit off the map” by Angus Wilson. It deals with the aspiration of a young woman to choose a career. This text is written in a style of fiction. The main idea of this text: everyone should make a right choice before he or she choose a career.

In the beginning of the text we see the philosophical reasoning of a young lady about sense of life and her place in it.

She is trying to understand the truth: “for some people it doesn;t matter why we;re here or what it;s all for” and here the author uses simile “but I;m not like that” it means that she is looking for her own place in this big world. She likes to think about life and always has her point of view. And now she acquainted with a man who has philosophical thoughts too.

And the author uses such simile “only like me he;s quite young”.

The she thought she could be a model she says: “I;m not very tall, just average, but I;m well made all right”. But she wouldn;t take a job like that because maybe she;ll be an artists and it;d be bad if she;d been a model. She says “Models are usually just layabouts”.

In the end of the text we can find such metaphor “got an eye for colours” which shows us that she could be a painter too. But she hasn;t found her place yet.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Angus Wilson “A Bit off the Map”