Стилистический анализ текста: Graham Greene “I Spy”

The text under stylistic analysis “I Spy” is written by Graham Greene in the style of fiction. It deals with author;s feelings and emotions about relations at school, relations in the family.

The main theme of the story is how main character of the story Charlie Stowe was able to steal some of his father;s stock – a packet with cigarettes from his father;s shop, with the purpose to prove his classmates that he is not a little boy.

The idea of the story is that real parents should pay enough attention to their children, to bring them up properly in order that there wasn;t conflict;s in their family.

So in the beginning of the story we have an exposition, where we get to know about the main character Charlie Stowe; the time of the seen is night. Charlie Stowe waited in his bedroom until he heard his mother snore.

Then we got to know that it was the time of war, as searchlight passed across the sky seeking enemy airship. Then Charlie draught

the thought the cracks in the window frame.

We have a detached construction in the second paragraph from the world. But the thought of the tobacconist;s shop; where author pays our attention to the fact that Charlie wanted to smth with it. then we see that he was 12 years old and that boys at “County school” nocked at him because he had never smoked a cigarette. The author uses periphrases concerning to cigarettes “The packet were piled twelve deep below”. The cigarettes were called Gold Flake and Players.

The author compares his father;s “little shop” with the Reszke, Abdulla, Woodbines which under a “thin haze” of “stale smoke” – epithet, which disguise his crime. To point out a steal author uses parallel construction “his crime”, “it was a crime”. Then author tells us Charlie didn;t love him at all, to prove it Graham Greene uses comparison: he was unreal to him, a wraith, pale. thin, and indefinite – all this is the enumeration. To show us the relation between boy;s parents author uses epithet: for his mother

“he felt a passionate demonstrative love”, “her boisterous presence”, “noisy chanty” filled the world for him.

Also Green uses cliche “from the restor;s wife to the dear Queen” except “Huns”, which shows how boy;s father judged his mother to everyone.

Then we can see ontonomasia “affection” and “dislike”, comparison “as indefinite as his movements” which points at the fact that Charlie don;t know whether to do his work or not. And he decided to do it.

So down the stairs the main character come to the door of the little shop. For half a minute he felt a despair on the bottom step; then he few a small hole under the counter.

As he heard somebody;s footstep passed on – it was a policeman. In this time Charlie grabbed the first packet through the window and fire for a hole and covered in the darkness.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Graham Greene “I Spy”