Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “Sixpence”

This text was taken from the book by Katherine Mansfield “Sixpence”. It was written as a style of fiction.

The scene is laid in the house of a rich and noble family, in the end of XIX – beginning of XX century. The main idea of this text is such called “awkward age” of children. When they do anything they want and became absolutely uncontrolled.

The text consists of 4 parts. First is – exposition. From this part we acquainted with the main character – the boy Dicky, his mood, his behavior. For describing him the author uses such comparison “good as gold as a rule” it means that from the first sight he was absolutely polite boy, but then without the “slightest” warning – epithet, he suddenly went “mad dog” – it;s a metaphor to show us that it was very energetic and fidgety boy.

When someone calls him he usually “flew away” – metonymy which means that he liked to hide from people. the comparison “like a wild Indian” is need to show Dicky;s behavior, which was too uncontrolled. Second is rising the action. Here we see the situation during the children tea, when the boy put the large bread plate on the head and take a knife showing that he is a soldier to his sisters.

When the plate fall down and crashed, it;s – climax. Here we see the metonymy “came flying” in such a way the author showed mother;s moving fast And the finishing dialog between Mrs. Bendall – mother of the Dicky and her friend Mrs. Spears visiting her at that time is the denouement. Mrs. Spears had two sons so that she could say she had an experience.

And she was very calm during the speaking after the incident.

I think this text is rising the problem of brining up children with an awkward age.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “Sixpence”