Стилистический анализ текста: Lawrence Durrel “The Little Affair in Paris”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “A little affair in Paris” written by Lawrence Durrel.

It deals with feelings and emotions of author and written in the style of fiction. This story is told by third person. The main characters are Antrobus and Polk-Mowbray.

This part of a story is about a man (Antrobus), who has imprudence to have a talk with Polk-Mowbray about his leaving, and Polk boldly ask for his own affair in Paris.

The text consists of several parts. In the first part we can see recollection of Antrobus about little affair in Paris here we can see such epithet as “mind;s eye”.

He is going to Paris and ask Polk-Mowbray about service that he can perform for him. It was rhetoric of diplomacy, but Mowbray guilefully seized the opportunity and asked Antrobus about service. Here author uses metaphor “nobody but a swine” to show what a forget person Mowbray was. Nephew of Polk-Mowbray lived in Paris and Antrobus must to look him up and send his uncle a Confident report on him. we can see another epithet here “dump pleading tone” – which means intonation which can not be refused.

In the next part we observe the departure of Antrobus to Paris and his thoughts about this situation.

I think the main idea of this text following: if you don;t want to perform somebody;s request, especially of manipulators, you should be able to refuse them.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Lawrence Durrel “The Little Affair in Paris”