Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “Pictures”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “Pictures” by Katherine Mansfield.

It deals with the relations between landlady and tenant. This story is written in the style of fiction.

The main idea is if people won;t look after themselves, nobody else will.

In the beginning of the text the author tells us about Miss Ada Moss, a young lady who lay in the black iron bedstead, and thought that she always wake up so cold in the mornings. And she;s wondering why it happened. She thought it can be because of she had a bad meals.

In this part the author uses metaphor “sheet of ice” to underline that the lady waking up very cold. He also uses another metaphor “pageant of good hot dinners” and “pageant of sensible substantial breakfast” to show that the lady had bad meals and she imaged to herself a good food.

In the next part of the story landlady bring a letter to Miss Ada Moss, but Miss Moss said that she shouldn;t be surprised about it. Then there is a monologue of amazed landlady. She asks why she must take the trouble about Miss Moss in such a severe times. She said that she fair sick and tired and she won;t stand it more. Here the author uses metaphor “prices flying in the air” to show that the life for the land lady getting more difficult.

The epithet “soft-hearted” underlines the kindness of landlady.

As for me I like this story because it shows us that we should have respect for ourselves.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “Pictures”