Marriage and love

Marriage is different from love. It is a good institution but I must add that a lot depends on the person you are married to. There is no such thing as a good wife or a good husband – there is only a good wife to Mr. A or a good husband to Mrs. B. if a credulous woman marries a pathological liar, they may live together happily to the end of their days – one telling lies, the other believing them. A man who can not live without constant admiration should marry a “God, you are wonderful” type of woman. If he is unable to make up his mind, he is right in wedding a dictator. One dictator may prosper in marriage: two are too many.

The way to matrimonial happiness is barred to no one. It is all a matter of choice.

If someone buys a refrigerator, it never occurs to him that it is a bad refrigerator because he can not play gramophone records on it; nor he does he blame his hat for not being suitable for use as a flower vase. But many people who are very fond of

their stomach marry their cock or a cook – & then blame him for being less radiantly intelligent & witty than George Sand. Or a man may be anxious to show off his wife’s beauty & elegance, marry a mannequin & he surprised to discover in six months later that she has no balance views on the international situation. Another marries a girl only & exclusively because she is seventeen & he is much surprised 15 years later to find that she is not 17 any more. Or again if you marry a female bookworm who knows all about the gold standard, the laws of planetary motions, you must not blame her for being somewhat less beautiful & temperamental than Marilyn Monroe. And if ladies marry a title or a bank account they must not blame their husbands for not being romantic heroes.

YOU should know what you are buying. And as long as you do not play records in your refrigerator & not put bunches of chrysanthemums into your hat, you have a reasonable chance of so-called happiness.

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Marriage and love