A Funnv Story

For his expedition to the South Pole, Captain Robert Scott needed much money. He was not a rich man himself, so he had to find people who could give him the money. First Scott spoke to David Lloyd George, who was at that time an important member of the British Government. The Captain though that he could get money from the Government. Lloyd George was not a kind man and many people in England did not like him. In answer Lloyd George said that the Government could give him only a small part of the money that he needed for the expedition.

Then he gave Captain Scott the address of a very rich man who was interested in Arctic Expedition, and advised him to ask that man to help him with money. Scott went to that rich man and explained what he wanted. “Who sent you here to me?” the rich man asked. When Scott said that it was Lloyd George, the rich man laughed. Then he said: “I can give you fifty thousand pounds, if Lloyd George goes with your expedition to the South Pole. And if you leave him there, I shall give you another fifty thousand pounds”. Out of the options given below choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

… wantedto get money for his expedition.

Captain Scott David Lloyd George Member of the British Government

Lloyd George said that British Government….

Agreed to give all necessary sum. refused to give him any money. advised him to appeal to a very rich man.

The rich man suggested to give Captain Scott…

100 thousand pounds if Lloyd George was left there. only part of all sum. all necessary sum.

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A Funnv Story