Стилистический анализ текста: Doris Lessing “England Versus England”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “England versus England” written by Doris Lessing. This story is told by the author.

It deals with feelings and emotions of author and written in the style of fiction. The scene is laid in small English village. The main character are Charlie and his father Mr. Thornton. This part of a story is about a generation gap between young man Charlie and his father Mr. Thornton.

At the beginning of the text we can see following situation: Charlie is going to leave his native village just in the moment, when his father came home. It must be said that outside they were alike but no inside.

Charlie, young scapegrace doesn;t want to work with his family in the native village prefers this spend all his time in Oxford for “study” and fun.

His mom, as really loving mother always support her son. His father, Mr Thornton is the old miner backbone plodder think that his son must to spend more time

with his family and help him in mine.

Then we can see following: Mr Thornton knew that all his son need is fun and that is why he with his friends in every ways jest at Charlie. He was right just because that last time Charlie had not been home for nearly a year and now started again. Alas, but Old Thornton cant to believe his son. That;s why and old miners laughed at Charlie.

In the first paragraph author uses epither “cheeks with coal-pitted” to depict that Charlies father work very hard because he must support family.

We find in the text the next epithet “jainty fair hair” and “alert eyes”. Author use it to describe that Charlie was still fresh but lazy man.

The comparison “like a poltergeist standing” used for strength sense.

I think the main idea of this text following: no one shouldn;t frustrate their parents and waiste all time only for fun and joy, without any real sense in life; have not thought about parents

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Стилистический анализ текста: Doris Lessing “England Versus England”