Стилистический анализ текста: Agatha Christie “Where There;s a Will”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “Where there;s a will” by Agatha Christie.

It deals with the relations, between people of different generations and written in the style of fiction. The main idea of this text we can explain with the help of well-known proverb “where there;s a will, there;s a way” for it fulfilling. It means if you want to get something, first you should do something.

In the beginning of the text Dr. Meynell told Mrs Harder that she has a certain cardic weakness and advice her to avoid worry and excitement.

Dr. Meynell was the person who liked attending rich patients rather then poor ones because he could exercise his active imagination in prescribing for their ailments. And it worried Mrs. Harter she didn;t want any changes in her life. Here author uses such epithets “comfortable fashion”, “active imagination”, “looked pleased with himself” – to show the nature

of the doctor. And with the help of such antithesis like “sooting but meaningless word”, “more doubtful then relieved” the author wanted to show old lady concerns skeptically to the doctor and to his advices.

In the next part of the text Dr. Meynell persuaded the old lady;s nephew, whose name was Charles, that Mrs. Harder must lead a very quiet life, but she must kept cheerful and the mind well distracted. So Charles suggested the installation of the radio set in the house. The old lady unwell it, she said, that electric waves affected her. Charles pointed out the futility of this idea.

In her turn Mrs. Harder told to Charles that he may say what she like but some people are affected by electricity and she has a terrible headache before a thunderstorm. And her words were her win. The author uses epithet “superior and kindly fashion” to underline insistency of the nephew and “Newfoundland things” to show that the old lady is unwilling for the installation of the radio set.

As for me I like this story because it shows us that we need to defend our position if we consider it will be better for us.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Agatha Christie “Where There;s a Will”