Einstein for a Day

Albert Einstein is one of the world’s most brilliant and respected scientists. He is known for formulating the theory of relativity, which played a critical role in the development of atomic energy.

Einstein had a fine sense of humour. There’s an amusing story about how Einstein was travelling to universities in a chauffeured car, giving lectures on relativity. One day the chauffeur said, “Dr. Einstein, I’ve heard this lecture about 30 times. I known it by heart, and I bet I could give it myself. “Well, I’ll give you the chance”, said Einstein. “They won’t recognize me at the school. When we get there I’ll put on your cap, and you introduce yourself as me and give the lecture”.

The chauffeur gave Einstein’s lecture without a single mistake. When he finished, he started to leave, but one of the professors stopped him to ask a complex question. The chauffeur thought fast. “That problem is so simple”, he said, “It’s a surprise that you’re asking. It fact, to show you how simple it is, I’m going to ask my chauffeur to come up here and answer your question”.

Find and underline a word or words it in the text that mean the same as the following definitions. They are in the same order as they appear in the text.

Someone who works or is trained in science. a long talk given to a group of people on a particular subject. possibility. something that has been done incorrectly. difficult to understand. to use your mind to solve something.

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Einstein for a Day