Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “The Garden-Party”

The text under stylistic analysis “The Garden-Party” is written by Katherine Mansfield in the style of fiction. It deals with author;s feelings and emotions about relations in society.

The author is told us about garden-party, where young girl Laura had to be a master o this party at first time. But this girl was pretty and at the same time rather shy girl.

At the beginning of the story we can see the description of the garden. So, it was the ideal weather. Katherine Mansfield used the metaphor “the blue was veiled with a haze of light gold” that proved if they had ordered the weather they couldn;t have had more perfect day. In this garden their was a lot of different flowers. “The daisy plants had been seemed to shine”, this metonymy underlines it was awfully beautiful plants. Even “bushes bowed down as though they had been visited by archangels” – this comparison proved that here everything was perfect.

So Laura

has had to forget that her mother was there because she said that her children treat her as an honoured guest. But Laura;s sister Meg could not possibly go and supervise the men, because she had washed her hair before breakfast, and she sat drinking her coffee in a green turban. Meg;s hair was wet and was “stamped on each cheek”, so it is metonymy, in which author wanted to show us that only Laura to go. But Katherine Mansfield used the metonymy that showed us this girl is very nice – she is not just go “she flies”.

She went to their guests, still holding her piece of bread-and-butter but there was nowhere to put it and she couldn;t possibly throw it away. She blushed and tried to look severe and even a little bit short-sighted as she came up to them.

Laura came to them, she was like her mother, she had the same voice, it sounded “fearfully affected” – it is the oxymoron, it means that this young lady was very impressive. And at the end of this passage Laura showed herself in a high level.

To my mind the idea of the story is that everybody had to find power in herself, sometimes veiled her shyness, and only then you can be on the high level.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Katherine Mansfield “The Garden-Party”