Early marriages

The main problem of all early marriages is a financial one. Young couple is just depressed by their low income. Lack of proper education, inexperience & youth do not help the young to receive a large payment for the jobs they do. Some young people decide to get married even without any sources to existing.

Usually young couple with low income lives because of the help of their parents who try to give their children everything they need: they allow them to use their car, give money for buying products, spend time with grandchildren & so on. The reason for lack of money in a young family is not only a low income but also radiant expectations of the young. Teenagers think they will be able to buy all that things immediately while their parents have needed years for achieving such wealth.

All young fellows desire to have a car. In spite of the low income of a family nearly 86% of the young bread winners (at the age of 18-24 years) have a car. They do not realize,

they need money to keep the family, but they spend it to buy a car & then to take care of it, so as a result, various conflicts appear because of the lack of money.

Sometimes there are cases when a husband is just not able to earn a proper sum of money: he is trying to find a job with all his strength, but he just can not. So, there is the other type of financial problems, connected with family in a whole: when a wife earns more than her husband does.

A husband who earns less than his wife is doomed to an early divorce, a poor sex life & early death. Money in marriage means power & while women have crashed through the psychological barriers to the top jobs, men have been unable to cope with the position of the lower wage earner. The hard factors are that wives who out-perform their husbands in the employment arena set a domestic scenario for disaster. Sex lives suffer & feelings of love diminish. The couples run a high risk of mutual psychological & physical abuse, which leads to a significantly higher divorce rate. Finally for some underachieving husbands whose wives are over achieves,

premature death from heart disease is 11 times more frequent than normal. (Such statistics is taken from the magazine “The Psychology Today”, US). The exception is in cases where wives earn more but in a typically female job – secretary, nurse or researcher. “It is okay for your wife to have a higher-paying or higher status job, as long as she is a nurse or a teacher – because that is what women are supposed to be.”

After the marriage, especially after the birth of a child, the young spouses stop to get satisfaction from their sexual life. They usually argue because of the quality & the frequency of sexual contacts.

Young wives are usually not satisfied with their husbands, who prefer spending their evenings in the company of the old friends to being with their wives. Problems also appear when a young couple lives with relatives or parents – they do not always see eye to eye on some problems, especially when the young get the material help from the relatives. Usually those parents, who give money to their young married children, think “their newly-weds” will be closer to the family, will tell all the secrets & discuss all the problems with them. They want their children to be devoted to them; they want them to be happy. Parents try to help, but the young do not want
to receive their help – they want to be independent &… new conflicts appear.
Nowadays nearly 10% of girls & 3,1% of boys get married at the age of 18-19 years.
3,5 million of Americans live with their sexual partners without being married.

Approximately 25% of all the students of colleges in America live with their partners during studying.

The average age for teenagers to start go dating is 13 years.
A half of all teenagers have already started their sexual life till they are 16.

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Early marriages