Как вычислить лжеца – How to spot the liar!

We meet a lot of people every day and some of them are not really honest to us. Some people say dishonest things just in habit, but some of them do it deliberately. I can admit that I sometimes tell lies because they are important survival mechanisms. However, if you don`t want to deal with insincere people, there are some useful tips how to spot them.

Liars strongly believe that nothing can give them away, but his or her body tells the opposite! A liar is stumbling over the words, he`s fidgeting and nervous. His hands won`t stay still and his palms are probably sweaty as well! He seems to be smiling, but the smile doesn`t reach his eyes ant there is some tension at the bottompart of his face. He`s looking into your eyes and appears to be 100% sincere buy the tone of his voice has dropped and the rhyme of his speech has slowed down. What is more, pay attention to his body language! If you notice some protection gestures – there`s no doubt: he`s lying!

However, you should decided on the fact whether you really want to know is a person is honest or not. Because sometimes it better not to know the truth.

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Как вычислить лжеца – How to spot the liar!