Роль журналистики в современном обществе – The Role of Journalism in the Modern Society

You can`t but agree that journalism is a powerful force today, and its importance in our life is gradually increasing. It carries out various functions: informative, ideological, entertaining and many other functions.

In my opinion, providing of information is a main aim of journalism. In fact, human`s life became easier due to it, and now you don`t need to overcome lengthy distances to learn the latest news. Besides, we often face the situation when it is necessary to be well informed about current events to take a right step and not to appear at the crossroads. For example, looking for a job, first of all, you try to understand if it meets your professional ambitions and material requirements. But, certainly, it is impossible to try all professions. That`s why various magazines and editions devoted to the problem of employment are popular nowadays. They help us to gain an understanding of merits and demerits of many professions.

On the other hand, journalism helps us

to keep up to date, because it is important for a modern person to keep pace with developing science. Such magazines as “Geo” or “the Russian Reporter” tell us not only about actual events and innovations in the world of science, but also about traditions, customs, national mentality of people.

I also can`t but say that dialogue of a reader and a writing person is very important in modern journalism. For example, today many editions publish letters of their readers. People can express their opinions about published material. Some of them express their admiration about an article, underlining the topicality of the lifted problem and an ability of an author to show its essence. But the criticism also meets very often. Sometimes readers are rather conservative, and their manner of reasoning is quite superficial. But objective criticism is useful. It helps journalists to avoid similar mistakes in future, because readers know better, what is interesting and important for them. It also gives people an opportunity to acquaint with various opinions and to generate their own.

I also can`t but

mention one the most important feature of journalism. Looking throw some magazine or newspaper, we often notice an article devoted, for example, to any kind of sports. The material can be written so interestingly that many years later, we will, possibly, name it the step which was the first on the way of our hobby. So I think that journalism can excite an interest in any theme and to form the Individuality.

As I already said before, the main task of journalism is operative extending of information. It means that a journalist should be able to write articles in the shortest possible time not to the detriment of their quality. To master these skills you should practice every day, and the famous proverb “fool`s haste is no speed” is not appropriate here. After all, news is something that is actual only in the short-term period.

You also can`t but agree that any journalists should have a ready wit. It is a great “weapon” in his hands which often help to come out victor from unforeseen situations.

I`m also sure that it is extremely important for journalists to be humane. They should be able to think about other people, listen to them, forgetting about their own problems and cares.

In the conclusions I would like to underline once more that journalism carries out many functions. They should be in a right balance with world`s requirements. That`s why I`m sure that for journalist it is necessary to possess not only professional skills, but also a number of qualities that require diligence and self-discipline.

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Роль журналистики в современном обществе – The Role of Journalism in the Modern Society