В момент мира – In the moment of piece

The piece consists of different impressions, senses, time. Joy is replaced by sadness and vice versa. We go under our own star. We get up, fall, get up again. All what we want in this moment is piece.

I write about the most main and incomprehensible. In other words I write about life. All people think:”What is it?” But there are many different opinions, because life is not the country with its frontiers and it is not mathematical formula with the exact definition.

The life is beautiful such as it is, in spite of problems, defeats, catastrophes. I like it for its alterations, unpredication. May be there no irreplaceable people, but there is no substitute for life. A man is stupid if he doesn`t thank life for every day, every instant. I`m sure life gives us

Unlimited opportunities.

But one day all comes to the end. The life will come to the end too. We want to be in time for a great deal, that to go away without offences and reproach, with quiet heart saying: “Fare well and if forever, forever fare well”

And now everyone has his own way. It is necessary to find sense of life, to learn never concede and believe into own power. Remember, that life give new chance so seldom. We must open new opportunities. It is possibly, if you know, who you are. You may change all in this moment of piece…

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В момент мира – In the moment of piece