Стилистический анализ текста: Henry “On Behalf of the Management”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “On behalf of the management” by O. Henry written in the style of fiction.

It deals with the thoughts of the author about such notion as management, differences: between man manager and woman manager.

It is Sally;s story of Denver Galloway – a born manager and how he became a real manager.

The idea of this text is – that a man manager have better features than a woman manager; that managers are not born, they became.

So in the beginning of the text we have the exposition where we get to know the main character;s of it: Sally Magoon, the author of this text, Denver Galloway – a man manager. The author tells us that he had heard some story from Sally Magoon. There O. Henry stresses that he doesn;t much sure whether it true or not with the help of epithet “truthful fiction” where author tells if it is his memory should be taxed with the blame.

Then author

shows us his thoughts and Sally;s attitude towards woman manager. For this purpose he uses a lot of similes, used as a enumeration in the sentence “woman; economizes, saves, oppresses her household with bargains and contrivances”. The author uses antithesis, which can be seen in pair of sentences beginning from “The woman manager” and antithesis do it “Wherefore” and by it author shows us some difference of man-woman nature.

Then to show the features of Sally the author uses antonomasia “Caesar without a Brutus” where he compares Sully with Caesar: “He is an autocrat without responsibility” a player who imperils no stake of his own”. The following enumeration “enact, to reverberate, to boom, to expand, to out-coruscate” refers to offers of Sully. O. Henry also uses passive construction “bill-paying”, “growing gray hairs” to show life;s principles of Sully.

Then from the Sally;s words we hear the story of successful manager Denver Galloway, Sully told that he “was born a manager”. We got to know that Denver born in Pittsburg, than was moved to East. At the age of 8 he began to manager some news-stand.

After that he was a manager for skating-rink, a lively-stable, a policy-game, a restaurant. and finally district leader;s campaign-enumeration. Sully says that Denver was a manager of Senator O;Grady;s campaign. And from the last paragraph where we have a dialog of Sully to the author, we can see that know Denver in very successful manager and he can afford him a lot.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Henry “On Behalf of the Management”