Стилистический анализ текста: Andrew Norton “My Life Has Changed its Course”

The chapter “My Life Has Changed its Course” is taken brom the book “Her True Story” by Andrew Norton and his written in the style of fiction.

It deals with the author feelings and emotions about the emotional experience inside the Royal family. The story is about an accident on the slopes and that one of the party died. The idea of the story is following.

In the beginning of the story we see the Princess of Wales fell ill and was confined to bed for days. And that she felt very sorry of this the author uses epithet: “a nasty dose of influenza” which has spoiled her skiing holiday.

And some day of her bedside the princess saw bedraggled figure of the Duchess of York. As it turned out she was skiing down the black Christobel run when she “took an uncharacteristic tumble” – the epithet which characterize her as a bad skier.

And while they were in the chalet they heard a helicopter fly over. And it filled them with foreboding. Here the author uses cliche “they were all on tenterhooks” to describe their emotional state. And as it turned out there;s been an accident on the slopes and one of the party was dead.

Then the author uses a number of stylistic expressive means to describe the shock and distress of some members of the Royal family:

1 simile: “for what seemed like an eternity sat at the top of the stairs, hardly daring to breath”;

2 metonomy: “sounding shocked and distressed”;

3 cliche: “burst into tears”.

The victim was a man, a former equerry to the Queen. So Diana carefully packed his things in the suitcase.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Andrew Norton “My Life Has Changed its Course”