Cinematography is one ofjhe wOTidersofthemodern workj Its possibilities are really unlimited, it gives pleasure to millions of people. Now it is a very popular kind of arfwhich has celebrated its 100th anniversary. There are cinemas in cities and towns. For most of people cinema is the means of entertainment and rest. You know thattife is not so simple. today and people want to relax a little, sometimes even to laugh. That’s why cinema is considered to be one of the best ways of spending free timel

Usually we see films, either at the cinema or on TV. frankly speaking – we see more, var4e”s films-enTV or video films because the price of the tickets at the cinema is rather high now. But from time to time we go to the cinema and I prefer to buy tickets at the box-office beforehand. Near the cinema you can see a cinema bill where you can read what films are on and when the show begins.\Now everyone can find something to his liking in the broad variety of genres :

featurg films, animatedcartoons,, documentary or popular science films, jvestЈrns, comedies, detective films, historical musical, horror films, newsreels, thrillers arid a lot of othersBesides films may be colour or black and white; sound or silent; dubbed in mother tonguejcK),

Making a film is a very complicated and difficult thing. Many people worklngat a film studio take part in the

Film shooting: a producer, a script-writer, a cameraman, a composer, actors and actresses and a lot of others, it is difficult to name all. Cinema is loved by people in many countries. That is why nearly every year different film festivals are held. The most popular of them are film festivals in Cannes (France), Venice (Italy), Los Angeles (USA), Moscow (Russia), Odessa (Ukraine). The best films win “Oscar” in Hollywood; “The Palme d’Or” in Cannes; “Gold Duke” in Odessa; “Nika” in Moscow, “Gold Lion” in Venice. The most talented actors and actresses are awarded with prizes.

Every year the main film studios of America-Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers,

Universal and 20th-century Fox-turned out hundred of films, and now on the screens of our TV sets you can see more videofilms of American production than ours. In Ukraine there are two film studios in Kiev and Odessa. Children usually are fond of Walt Disney’s cartoons, although grown-ups also watch them not without pleasure.


Do people often go to the cinema? Do you prefer to go to the cinema or watch film on TV? Are there many cinemas in your town? What famous tiirn festivals do you know?” What film is your favourite?

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