Как достичь счастья и успеха – How to achieve success and happoness

Many people believe that being intelligent, wealthy and attractive is the best way to find happiness and success. However, the recent researches have shown that these things aren`t as important as we tend to think. A group of scientists from all around the world have made a list of 10 tips how to be really happy.

First of all, think about your parents and grandparents. Were they happy? The problem is that some people are born simply happier than others! The difference in people genes is the main reason for their different level of happiness.

Secondly, all studies show that married couples are happier than single people. Moreover, the spouses are often successful. By the way, just living together doesn`t have the same effect.

Furthermore, it is friends and family that really makes people happy. Those who have large families with many children and lots of close friends are usually much happier than people who have a lot of money but just live on their own.


shouldn`t want more than you`ve got! People who expect to have a successful career, lots of money and perfect relations aren`t as happy as those who accept what they`ve got.

Besides, helping others is considered to have positive psychological effects as it is not only good for them, but also makes you feel happier!

Four out of five people claimed that they become happier when thinking about Lord and religion. Moreover, very religious people live longer too.

If you want to be happy, you should also be attractive! However, cosmetic surgery doesn`t have the same effect.

Studies show that old people are happy as often as young people and are unhappy less often. This is probably because they spend more time doing the things they enjoy.

The next point is money. When you`re poor, money can buy you some happiness. However, when people have enough money to live comfortably, more money doesn`t make them happier.

Finally, you mental abilities don`t really matter! Surprisingly, this has very little effect on happiness. Being able to get on well with people is far more important than how intelligent you are.

So, these are the main tips that can lead to success and happiness. Thus, it depends on you whether to follow them or not.

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Как достичь счастья и успеха – How to achieve success and happoness