Выбор родителей – Choice of parents

There are millions possibilities in the world thousands from which may be given to one person. But we often choose from them only one or two. We have a choice since our childhood. We choose the games to play, we ask to buy this or that thing. Parents create our first choice, they influence our decision-making, train us to make correct decisions. Gradually we grow up and we become more independent. We would like to make decisions ourselves, and we don’t want our parents to choose for us. Our personality is formed depending on those decisions which we have accepted.

The main choice in a life is a choice forthe sake of our future. Someone considers that it is impossible, but I do not agree with this statement. We choose the future. It begins at school. Our behavior influences our future, but the final stage of this “choice-ladder” is the choice of profession. In Great Britain and Japan adults consider that it is necessary to choose your profession while you are finishing

school, parents try not to influence this choice there. In Russia it is a complicated question.

The main problem of Russian youth is a pressure of parents. Our parents influence our career greatly. They often want us to justify their hopes. There are daddies and mums, whose non-realized ambitions are automatically shifted on their children. And it so happens that we ourselves try to prove something to the parents, to deserve their respect. Russia is – the country of stereotypes. The problem is that our parents have “old” stereotypes, and we have developed “new” ones. Frequently many parents in Russia choose a university fortheir children. It may be “advice” or the requirement according to certain standards. Many psychologists consider that it is undesirable, because it suppresses children’s individuality.

It is difficult to say, whether this influence good or bad. I think that it all depends not only on parents, but also on the child. If you feel that you are able to make your own choice, then your parents shouldn’t order you what to do, they have to give

an “advice” and it’s up to you to accept their point of view or not. If you always do what the others want you to do, it’s almost impossible for you to become an independent, successful person. But the choice of parents is not always bad. It is necessary to distinguish care from “attempts to make the dream come true”. However such pressure sometimes has serious consequences, after all, a choice of parents is not your choice.

It is always possible to become friends with parents, to explain to them what you want and expect from yourself.

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Выбор родителей – Choice of parents