We Never Saw Him Again

When we arrived in London, we were two hours late because our train had been held up by the bad weather. Outside the station it was snowing hard and there was a long queue of people waiting for taxis. As we were about to join it, a young man pulled up his car and asked us where we wanted to go. Although it was not an official taxi, the car was new and shiny and the young man looked clean and respectable; so we decided to accept his offer. When we told him that we did not have a hotel, he said he could take us to one which was clean and cheap.

He put our luggage in the boot and we drove off to the hotel. On the way, we chatted and he pointed out any interesting sights. We could hardly believe our luck and thought of all the people we had left queuing in the freezing cold.

When we got to the hotel, he told us that he would wait while we checked in. After we had found

The stens onlv to find that our driver had disappeared with Mr. And Mrs.

They flew to Rome, and arrived at the hotel late one evening. They expected that they would have to go to bed hungry, because in the boarding houses they had been used to in the past, no meals were served after seven o’clock in the evening. They were therefore surprised when the clerk who received them in the hall of the hotel asked them whether they would be taking dinner there that night. “Are you still serving dinner then?” asked Mrs. Williams. “Yes, certainly, madam,” answered the clerk. “We serve it until half past nine.” “What are the times of meals then?” asked Mr. Williams.

“Well, sir,” answered the clerk, “we serve breakfast from seven to half past eleven in the morning, lunch from twelve to three in the afternoon, tea from four to five, and dinner from six to half past nine.”

“But that hardly leaves any time for us to see the sights of Rome!” said Mrs. Williams in a disappointed voice.

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We Never Saw Him Again