Why Was She So Frightened?

Dick was a clever boy, but his parents were poor, so he had to work in his spare time and during his holidays to pay for his education. In spite of this, he managed to get to the university, but it was so expensive to study there that during the holidays he found it necessary to get two jobs at the same time so as to earn enough money to pay for his studies.

One summer he managed to get a job in a butcher’s shop during the daytime, and another in a hospital at night. In the shop, he learnt to cut meat up quite nicely, so the butcher often left him to do all the serving while he went into a room behind the shop to do the accounts. In the hospital, on the other hand, he was, of course, allowed to do only the simplest jobs, like helping to lift people and to carry them from one part of the hospital to another. Both at the butcher’s shop and at the hospital, Dick had to wear white clothes.

One evening at the hospital, Dick had to help to carry a woman from her bed to the place where she was to have an operation. The woman was already feeling frightened at the thought of the operation before he came to get her, but when she saw Dick, that finished her.

“No! No!” she cried. “Not my butcher! I won’t be operated on by my butcher!” and fainted away.

Out of the options given below choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

C) a businessman. c) pay for his studies. c) the butcher’s shop and at the hospital. c) warm jacket c) student Dick was…

A student. a worker.

He wanted to earn money to…

Pay for his house. buy a car.

He managed to get a job at…

The bank. the butcher’s shop.

Dick wore…

Blue uniform white clothes

The woman was afraid to be operated by the…

Butcher doctor

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Why Was She So Frightened?