A Clean Kitchen

Once a young man came to a small restaurant, in London. He sat down at a little table near the window and ordered dinner. The waiter put a plate, a knife and a fork on the table in front of the young man, and brought some bread and soup. The young man began to eat soup, but did not like it. “It tastes of soap”, he thought. But as he was hungry, he ate it up.

Then the waiter brought him some fish and potatoes. This, too, tasted of soap. But the young man was hungry and ate the potatoes and fish.

After dinner he said to the waiter: “I want to speak to the manager, call him, please”. The waiter went away. A few minutes passed and the manager came up to him. “You wanted to speak to me, sir,” he said. “Yes, I did. I am sure you have a very clean kitchen”. The manager was very happy to hear this. He smiled and said, “I am very glad to hear it, sir. But why do you think that our kitchen is very clean?” “Well”, said the young man coldly, “because everything tastes of soap. I am sure I’ll never come to your restaurant again”. And he never did.

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A Clean Kitchen