Легко ли быть молодым? – Is it easy to be young?

“To be or not to be? – That is the question!” – And is it easy to be young? Every person has his own answer to this question. Youth is a very wonderful, exciting and important period in the life of every person. You are full of hopes, dreams and plans for future. But our dreams change with us. We put some of them into life. They become aims and we are disappointed. But some of our dreams will never be real. As for me, I think it is easy to be young. You are energetic, strong, healthy and active. You have only such problems as education and leisure time. The problems of everyday life do not touch you. Your parents solve them successfully. You have one problem: school. But if you are friendly, hard-working, sociable, talented and active school isn`t a problem for you. When young

People are at school they make friends, receive necessary life skills and learn many new things. All this will help you in your future life and will help you to take a good position in our society. Being young we wish to be grown-ups and important. We want to be older. We have an ideal. We want to look like main characters of popular films, our elder brothers and sisters, our parents. But being young we don`t imagine all pluses and minuses of grown-up life. At the same time youth is the period of doubts and anxieties. We try to find answers for many important questions. We want to know our future. We have to make the right choice. We should avoid making mistakes. Is it easy? It`s very difficult. Your head is full of illusions. Sometimes you take them as reality.

And my advice to all

Young people is: “When you are young be happy, energetic, optimistic, live in harmony with your parents, friends and classmates, and the surrounding word”.

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Легко ли быть молодым? – Is it easy to be young?