David and Michael

Last summer David and Michael decided to go on a camping holiday. They packed their rucksacks and divided the communal equipment. They found an excellent place for camping. They pitched their tent in good time to be able to cook a meal on their stove before darkness fell.

The first night in the tent went off very well. Both of them slept well and awoke to the singing of the birds all around them. They gathered together everything they would need for the day and climbed up the mountain. They spent a very enjoyable day, climbing over hills and valleys.

Towards the end of the day, clouds covered the sky. They decided to start for their camp at once. They reached it quite soon and started to cook a meal. Just as they were going to eat, it began to rain. It rained all evening, so David and Michael decided to stay in hotel. But they couldn’t find a room. There was only one single room vacant in the only hotel in the village. They both would sleep in the single room; one on the floor and one in the bed.

David and Michael went thoughtfully to their room. They hoped they would have a good night’s sleep, but which turned out not to be. Strange noises kept vibrating through the hotel and they felt too tired to get up when it was time to do so.

They were re – packing when suddenly David yelled. His camera had been stolen! He was sure he’d had it the night before, but it certainly wasn’t there now. They ran downstairs, had another argument with the manager, who refused to accept the responsibility, so they went to the police station.

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David and Michael