Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born in 1959. “The Jackson Five” first hit the charts with “I Want You Rack” in 1969 when Michael was only 10 years old! By 1981 he had released “Thriller” – the biggest selling solo album of all time. Jackson was rich beyond anybody’s imagination.

Michael Jackson was not a typical teenager. Some people think he’s been trying to recreate hisjjost childhood ever since. We all know that Jackson has his own “Neverland” mansion, a private zoo and a pet chimpanzee called Bubbles.

This is not so surprising. Jackson owns 250 songs written by Lennon and McCartney. He once signed a $28 million contract to promote sportswear. Surely a man who earns hundreds of dollars every minute is allowed to have expensive hobbies. But there is a sinister side to Jackson that the public and the media find harder to accept. Obsessed with. his image, he’s spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. There have been newspaper reports that he has taken hormone supplements that keep his singing voice high and used chemicals to turn his skin whiter. Jackson has always denied these allegations completely.

It’s a fact that where there are stars there is always an opportunity for scandal. Right now it’s difficult for the public to know what to believe.

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Michael Jackson