Two Friends

Two friends went on a trip to London. In London they went into a restaurant for dinner. On a table stood ajar of mustard. Not having seen mustard before, one of them took a big spoonful into his mouth. Tears immediately filled his eyes. His friend asked him what he was crying about. “I am crying at the thought of the death of my unfortunate father, who was hanged twenty years ago”, the man answered.

They continued eating, and soon the other traveller also took a big dose of mustard. As soon as he had done so, tears ran down his cheeks also. “What are you crying about?” asked his friend. “Oh, I am crying because you were not hanged many years ago with your poor father”, was the answer.

You have read and heard stories about people who go travelling to another country without knowing the language of the people who live there. It is difficult for them because they can neither say what they want nor understand what they hear or read. Such people often find themselves in comic situations. There are many anecdotes of this kind.

Here is one of them. Listen, please. An English woman tourist, entered a restaurant in France. She took the menu and began to

Study it. It was written in French, of course. Then she called to the waiter. “Waiter”, she said, “bring me this dish here on the menu”. And she pointed to something written on it. The waiter looked at the menu and said. “Madam, the orchestra is playing that right now”. “Oh, so this is not a dish”, said the tourist. “It is the music which is played during the dinner”, said the waiter.

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Two Friends