Newton’s Dinner

Sir Isaac Newton was often so deeply interested in difficult problems that he became quite absent-minded. One day a gentleman came to see him, but was told that Sir Isaac was busy in his study and that nobody was allowed to disturb him. As it was dinner-time, the visitor sat down in the dining-room to wait for the scientist. The servant came in

And placed on the table a boiled chicken under a cover. An hour passed, but Newton did not appear. The gentleman, feeling hungry, ate the chicken, and covering up the skeleton, asked the servant to prepare another one for his master.

Before the second chicken was ready, however, the scientist entered the room apologizing for his delay. Then he added, “As I feel rather tired and hungry, I hope you will excuse me a little longer, while I take my dinner, and then \ will be at your service”. With these words he lifted the cover, and without emotion turned round to the gentleman and said, “See what a strange set we scientists are! I quite forgot that I had dined already”. At this moment the servant brought in the other chicken. The visitor explained how matters stood. After a hearty laugh, the hungry scientist sat down to dine.

Mark each true statement “T” and each false statement “F”.

A gentleman was told that the scientist had gone away. The visitor was ready to wait for the scientist. The servant brought a boiled chicken for the visitor. In an hour the visitor ate the chicken. The gentleman ordered to bring another chicken for the master. The second chicken was prepared for the visitor also. The scientist entered the room being very hungry. He saw the skeleton on the plate and thought that he had dined already. The servant brought in another chicken and Newton suggested the visitor to have dinner. TO. It is a funny story, isn’t it?

Твір на тему вулиці дитинства.
Newton’s Dinner