Мy school

I study at school N 22. Our school is a new three-storey building situated in Moscovskaya street, in an district of our town. Behind my school there is a green house and a big garden. The trees in it were grown by pupils of our school. It has also a sportsground where we have the lessons of Physical Training if the weath fine. Our sehooHs-large but some of schoolchiMren have. to study in the second shift. Classes start at 8.30 and last till 3p. m. The breaks are not longer than a quarter of an hour.

It is necessary to tell that our school is specialized in learning Physics and Maths, so we have new electr equipment: computers of modern type such as IBM, tape-recorders, TV sets and video-record.

When you enter the school you can see the cloak-room where children leave their coats and hats. On ground floor there are three studies for Russian Literature, the Ukrainian study, some rooms for our Admini strati the Staff-room, the Doctor’s Room, the Art’s study. The

workshop for boys where they learn to work with w and metal is situated on the ground floor too.

The library, the studies for learning Biology, Physics, Maths, History and Geography are on the first flo You also can see two language laboratories for mastering English and the. Computer studies, where the pup: learn Computer Science.

At our gymnasium children have sport competitions and games. On the wall of the corridor there is a time table.

Our Assembly Hall for concerts, meetings and discotheques is on the second floor. The girls learn] knit and sew at the workshop for girls. At the lessons of Chemistry our senior pupils can carry out; experiments.

Classrooms-Tor junior-pupils are on the second floor too. The children learn to read, to write, to cd everrto” speak Ukrainian and English.

During breaks the pupils on duty usually air classrooms, wash the floor and clean blackboards. Tij pupils can have breakfast or have a bite at our dining-room, go to the library, play games or discuss th| problems.

I am sure, at our school children have an opportunity to know Maths, Physics,

computers perfec:j because we have many lessons of Physics and Maths a week. Many pupils are good at these subjects why a lot of them take part in competitions in this subjects. I must say that the teachers working at our sch good specialists. I know my future will depend on the level of education I get at school. I think that my sc the best one.

1 .What school do you study at? 2.Where is your school situated? 3.1s your school new or old? 4.What specialized laboratories or studies are there in your school? 5.Where can pupils have breakfast or have a bite? 6.What subjects do you study at your school? Has your school modern equipment? 8.What are your favourite subjects? 9. Where can pupils leave their clothes? 10.Do you like your school?

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Мy school