Немного фантазии – A bit of fantasy

I have a tortoise. His name is Pasha. Usual green tortoise with a coat of mail. But one day my mind about him has changed.

Last year at the time of the cold winter I was sleeping in my bed. It was the midnight. I was sleeping when I heard somebody`s voice. “Asya, wake up…” – the voice said to me. I opened my eyes. Pasha was sitting next to me. “We should go now,” he continued. “You can speak?! You speak with me?!” I shouted. “Shhh, please, be more quite and don`t scare anything. We are friends, aren`t we?” “Yes, of course. Is it my dream or reality?” I asked him. “Hmmm, I can`t definitely say. This night is magic, because animals and people can understand each other. So now I invite you to visit my native country. Its name is Cloudland. Do you want to go there?” “Yes, of course” I answered. “OK, then follow me.” And Pasha opened the door into my wardrobe. (How can he do

it, if he is a turtle?! I can`t definitely say!) After that he beckoned me by his paw.

At the beginning, there was very dark in a wardrobe but then Pasha said the password and we could see the ray of sun. We went towards the ray. I don`t remember how long we went. By the way ray became more and more bright and we found ourselves in the middle of the glade, which was full of the sunshine. There were a lot of nice sheep there and…There was a DINOSAUR! To tell the truth, I was a bit scared. Pasha guessed my thoughts. “Don`t scare him,” he said “He is very kind.” The dinosaur came near us. “Hello! Let`s make the acquaintance: my name is Dino and what about you?” “We are Pasha and Asya.” We answered. “How do you do?” “We are fine, and you?” “I`m afraid, I`m not so good – I can`t find my eye glasses.” Dino complained. “They are on you.” Pasha reminded. “Oh, yes, you are right, thank you very much! Well, I must go now, because I should help my Granny to cut the grass. Bye!” “Dinosaur is in the eye

glasses!” I surprised. “Yes, he is a bit lazy to buy the lens.” Then we heard the voice behind us. “Pasha, Asya! I`m so glad to see you here!” When we turned around we saw a little tortoise. “Asya, that is my younger sister Jennie.” Pasha introduced us. “Nice to meet you Jennie!” I said. “Me too. OK, we should go faster because parents are waiting for us”.

We came in time for Pasha`s family meal. Pasha`s family was very kind and friendly. It was very big. Pasha had nine brothers and ten sisters. They loved and took care about each other. Pasha admitted that his family was not so big. “Earlier there were one hundred or two hundred turtles in a family.”

After meal we went for a walk in Cloudland. It was very beautifulcountry. There were a lot of glades and forests; and in cities there were many flowers and trees. Pasha`s parents showed me sights in their country and told me a lot about them. It was very interesting! For example, there were round houses, ice houses, sandy houses, and houses in trees in Cloudland! And you could also fly on the clouds in this country. That was why its name was Cloudland. I flew on the cloud, rode on the real dragon and mammoth. I had a magical time there, but it was time to come back home. I was very sad, but Pasha`s parents persuaded me not to despond. They said that I`d certainly visit Cloudland once more.

When we had come back, it was the same time, it was the midnight.

Sometimes I`m missing for my new friends, for Cloudland. But my country is wonderful too. Pasha and my friends in Russia also don`t let me be bored.

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Немного фантазии – A bit of fantasy