Отель моей мечты – My dream hotel

While thinking the idea of my dream hotel, I have sorted lots of variants. For a long time I could not decide which one to choose. And then I thought…

Novgorod is the place where the spirit of ancient Russian land is being kept. Boundless space of The Ilmen Lake, The Volhov river, enormous buildings of The Kremlin, numerous town temples are the monuments of original Novgorodian culture, which were created by hard work and the talent of ancient masters. And we have been saving this entire heritage till this day. That`s why I have created the idea of a hotel in an olden day`s style. But my hotelis not going to a simply new created building with rare inclusions of old days designed furniture. This is going to be much more interesting. The real historical buildings in


When I was a child I liked to play on the bank of the river Volhov. And one interesting building used to attract my attention. Later I have found out that this place use to be the territory of

an 18th century friary. So men – monks lived there. In my project I wish to restore that friary and rebuild it into monastery style hotel.

The hotel complex will consist of 3 parts. The 1st part – the main building, the 2nd – the separated detached building – a dining – room, connected to the main building by a long passage, the 3rd – an operating church.

The main point of the idea is that the exterior of a hotel complex will be renewed, but not going to be changed and modernize. And the interior will be an eclection of friary life atmosphere and a modern days design advantages. I convinced that my guests live in comfortable and functional hotel. In that way the hotel will attract a major popularity and will be beneficially advantageous.

It will combine the functions of a narrow thematic hotel and a hotel with standard services.

This complex is now located on the north border of the town, on the bank of the river Volhov. The location is perfectly suitable to mine eclectic conception: from the one side – it situates in a distance of towns mess, surrounded

by beautiful trees, flowers in bloom and the whisper of water – the view is spectacular, on the other hand – the hotel will be located in a town. Guests will be able to get to the center of the town in 20 minutes by car, and in case they don`t have one – there is a city bus which will bring them to the center in a half of an hour.

As I have already mentioned the exterior of the buildings won`t be changed, just renewed in order to save the atmosphere of a friary life.

The main trunk is a long, white, 2 floored building with a range of medium size windows in a monastery style. It will contain: the frond hall, reception area, a restaurant and the hotel rooms.

The hotel rooms a supposed to be plain but comfortable: spacious rooms, wooden covered walls – will create the sense of warmth and comfort. Wooden, fretted beds (single and double), carpets, covering the floors everywhere, wooden furniture: shelves and chests of drawers, wardrobes, fridges and TV sets will be in every room. Spacious bathrooms with a shower cabins, bidets, hairdryers, and big mirrors are compulsory part of a room standard.

The restaurant which is called “An ale cell” will be designed in a monastery style. The wide range of traditional dishes will be served there. The restaurant will offer a long list of wines and special kinds of beer. So this eating point will be oriented everyone who whishes to spend his time relaxing and tasting an excellentcuisine.

The 2nd building is a dining – room. In 17 century monks come here to eat, using the special passage. Here the 2nd eating point will be situated. The design and furniture will be a precise copy a friaries dining – room: modest furniture, plain painted walls, long table, which used to gather the monks years ago, will gather its guests in the 21st century. The cuisine is not going to be as plain as it was in a time of a friary, but the main menu will consist of fast dishes according to the religious traditions. Here I must point that there are dozens of fast, but unusual and incredibly tasty dishes.

The 3rd building is a Church of Assumption, which was built in a 16th century. After the reconstruction it will open its doors to everyone. The Church completes the hotel complex.

As a kind of entertainment the hotel will offer to its guests: an adventure horse riding walks, romantic boats rowing and open-air picnics on the bank of the river.

As a conclusion id like to add that this hotel will be a tremendous combination an olden – days cover and a comfortable and functional stuffing. Guests of the hotel will be able to not just to visit a historical monuments and see the friary life, but also to live there centuries ago novgorodian monks spent their life. Visitors will get a unique chance to plunge into a magnificent atmosphere of peace and divine grace moments.

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Отель моей мечты – My dream hotel