5 веков тишины – 5 centuries of silence

Moonlight was streaming through clouds and lighting up a valley. Sound of voices, music, horses` neighing was hearing from everywhere. The village was celebrating the Harvest Day.

Kelen was standing next to the front door of tavern.

– Please, don`t tell me you still didn`t wash last dishes! My hands are going to fall off!- Is was Kelen`s closest friend – Elisabeth – always energetic young lady.

– I `m coming! Don`t wash them, I`ll do it myself. – Kelen cried, looked the last time at the crowd. – You can have rest.

– Sleep? What are you talking about? We`re meeting in the forest tonight.

– Forest? Do you really think it`s not dangerous?

– You`re so tedious sometimes! I swear everything will be all right! There`ll be about twenty people!

– I just want to be rational. But if you want me to go with you – I will. You need someone to protect you all the time! – Kelen counted

with fox face.

– Girls, you`re free – the last client`s already gone! Just carry the leftovers to pigs – Big round head of tavern owner Billy vanished behind the door as fast as it appeared.

– Yeah! Wait for me here – I`m soon! – cried Elisabeth and ran out of a room.

She returns in a new bright – blue dress wearing a paper package. – It`ll look fantastic on you!- She said and threw package right into Kelen`s hands.

– What`s this?…- she murmured before rooting to the spot with amazement – inside the paper she saw brand – new dress with sky – blue top and light purple skirt.

– I appreciate everything you do for me every day. This is my small gift for you. – Mumbled Elisabeth. – I want you to put it on right now!

– Thanks I already love it!

Group of twenty people was walking through high grass straight to border of an old Albion forest. Nobody was talking. They were too afraid to destroy the silence.

– It`s here.- Said a person in a hood, when they came to

an edge of a forest.

Three dark figures kindled a big fire.

– What are you waiting for, dear?- Cried Elisabeth from the darkest part of edge.- Come here! We`ll show you one amazing fortune – telling!

Kelen made some careful steps to place from what she heard voice. But she stumbled on a big tree trunk and felt down on a soft ground.

– Oh, is it all right with you lady?- A young fellow said to her, with charming smile on his face.

– Yes, thank you! Sorry, I`m so clumsy!- Kelen didn`t believe her own eyes but this man wasn`t a dream – he was standing next to her.- I need to go, thanks again.

– As you like, lady. Just be careful – he said and went away.

– Beth, what are you doing here?- Kelen was really interested in what they were doing.

– It is a fortune – telling. You shoul take this tangle of rope, close your eyes turn around and throw it away and then Rachel will tell your future

– Kellen did it. When she opened her eyes she found out that all people of the group were looking for the ball but in vain.

– What does it mean?

– As far as I remember it means that you will have a long life.- Explained Elisabeth.

– Or, misfortune…- Freezing Rachel`s whisper made girls really terrified.

– What a silly thing! Don`t listen to her!

– I`ll go and look fora ball.- Kelen said walking away.

She was going further and further while didn`t heard strange noise. Then she saw the ball under her legs. At the same moment she felt breathing behind her back.

– Both of them are right and both are mistaken.- The voice was familiar.- And all because of me, girl.

The last thing she remembered was hand on her waist, breath on her neck and words “Good night”.

The terrible pain shook her body. It was dark. For some minutes she was walking through the forest without any path.

– Hey, I see one more! Come here!- Kelen heard somebody`s voice.

Then two strong men dragged her to the square.

– Do you know who is she?

– No! Kelen! What`s happened to you?- Cried Elisabeth.- Tell me you are right! Say something!- Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

People were screaming, crying and speakingabout neck, blood and crypt.

She was put in a tiny room with stony walls, then somebody closed the entrance with a huge stone, she cached last words – “It`ll be better for everybody.”

It was 1524.

– Hey! Where is a boomerang? – Screamed dark – haired girl.

– I`ll go and find it.- Answered annoyed boy.

He went further into the forest, looking down and up, and suddenly he felt a strange smell. Curiosity was too strong. He turned around and went on smell. After minute walking, he saw big square stone.

– Hm, ten blows or eleven?- He said smiling and started crashing the wall.- Only nine. What a…

His words were interrupted by a loud roar. Dust was everywhere, but his eyes caught a strange figure. When the boy came closer to stranger he saw a girl with long dark hair. Her clothes were a real odd.

– Are you o`k? Demn, are you? Hey guys, come here

– No! Where am I?! Who are you? What time is it? – She said with strange accent.

– Calm down! It is 5 a. m.

– No!- She replayed.- What year?!

– Are you kidding? 2008 off course!- Said the fellow and tried to help her to stand up. The last thing finally killed him – she had absolutely white eyes.

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5 веков тишины – 5 centuries of silence