Процесс создания новых вещей – The process of making a new product

I have a diagram which illustrates the environmental issues by a product over its life cycle. There are seven steps of production before you get a product.

According to the diagram, the first step is planning and design a product. This stage is the most important and significant because it s based on which way a product will made of and what kind of appearance will have and the reason is to attract customers. Next step is consumption of materials and energy recourses. At this point suppliers have to prepare all natural material or resources which they need to use for the product because customers concern about the quality of the product.

Moreover, the third step of the diagram is production; hence, producers of companies have to organize the process of making things in large

Qualities, so that they can be sold. As long as a product is ready to sell and it needs to be packed and distributed. As well as that, the fifth step of process is called “sales” which is the most important part of production, I think. At this point, suppliers try to earn money by selling products and persuade customers that a product is a good quality or function.

Furthermore, one of the last steps is that products are used by customers whether they are satisfied or not. After using for a while products can be recycled and used in the service system again or can be disposal. While using products customers give feedback to a company and then, a company improves or develops their production because suppliers want to make customers happy ad increase sales.


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Процесс создания новых вещей – The process of making a new product