At a Loan Company

A man went into a loan company and asked how much he would have to pay for six-month loan of twenty-five dollars. “One dollar and fifty cents”, the clerk told him. “That’s fine”, the man said. “I’ll take the loan, but I want to leave my new automobile here with you as security until I pay back the 25 dollars”. The clerk protested that such security was not necessary for a small loan, but the man insisted on leaving his car.

The next day he told his friend about it. “They must think you’re crazy”, the friend said. “Whoever heard of somebody leaving a new automobile with a loan company for six month for a loan of 25 dollars?” “Let them think I’m crazy”, the man said. “Tomorrow I’m going to Europe for six month. Where else could I park my car for that length of time for only a dollar and fifty cents?”

The words in A are in the text. Match words in A with the definitions in B.

1. loan a) to say firmly and repeatedly that something is true. 2. security b) to let something or someone stay where they are when you go away. 3. clerk c) behaving in a way that is very strange. 4. to insist d) an amount of money that you borrow from a bank. 5. crazy e) someone who keeps records or accounts in an office. 6. to leave f to put a car in a particular place for a period of time. 7. to park e) guarantee.

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At a Loan Company