We go shopping practically every day. There are many different kinds of shops in every town or city: shop, department store, men’s and women’s clothing stores, grocer’s, baker’s, butcher’s, greengro confectioners’ dairy’s and so on.

If your frig is empty, take your shopping bag and in a food supermarket you can buy different things at sausage, tinned fish or meat, fish, sugar, tea, sweets, salt, cheese, cereal crops and other things.

At the butcher’s you can choose meat and poultry, ham, bacon, sausages and hot dogs. At the baker’s can find rye and white bread, buns, biscuits, rolls and so on. Vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, toma onions, beet; different fruit like apples, cherries, pears, oranges; tinned fruit, fruit-juice are sold at the greengro If you come to a dairy’s you are sure to buy milk, sour cream, butter, cheese and what-not. We go to confectioner’s for cakes, sweets and pastry.


customers prefer to do their shopping at a self-service shop where from counter to counter you choose everything you like. All products are sold ready-packed.

Shop-assistants, cashiers work in the shop. A shop-assistant at the foodstore weighs on scales the things want to buy, wraps them and you pay money at the cash desk, then a cashier gives you the change and the

Some people prefer to do their shopping at the market, where there is a wide choice of different thing!

If you want to buy clothes, shoes, furniture or a birthday present you would go to the department st which has many departments: clothes, shoes, hats, furniture, electric appliances, radio and television sets many other things. You can also buy a blouse or jeans, a toy or a tape-recorder. It is not difficult to mak suitable purchase.

Who does shopping in you family? 2.Do you go shopping every day? What kinds of shops do you know? Where would you go to buy bread? Why do many people prefer to do shopping at the supermarket? What are the advantages of a supermarket! 7.Does a shop-assistant help you to choose th 8.Where can you buy vegetables and fruit? 9.What can you find at the clothes departmen 10. What can you buy at the market?

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