“Hollywood” is the name of a Los Angeles district which appeared in 1910, and it also stands for American cinematography. It is a pan of American entertainment industry. American cinema was born in the East when “Patent Cinema Company” was formed in 1908. It included 8 cinema-making firms. In the twenties American film industry blossomed. Producers needed more money and American banks readily gave money as movies brought big profits. Producers grew more and more dependent on business men. Unknown actors could become famous in a day, poor people became rich all of a sudden and Hollywood became the ” town where all dreams come true”.

The production of films began in Hollywood in the late 1920s and resulted in building huge sound stages many of which are used even now.

Hoiiywoou helps to create ine “American urcam and to convince people that the American way of life is the ideal one. At the beginning movies were like a dream giving

an escape from reality and showing that longing tor happiness and success could be fulfilled.

The fate of the movie often depends on advertisement. Before the release, grand shows, parties with big stars, interviews are organized.

One of the greatest events in Hollywood is the annual presentation of Oscar, the legendary figurine which is the highest Award of the American Cinema Academy. This organization was founded in 1927. Its aim was to further the development of cinematography.

The Academy Awards were first handed out in 1929. At that time the awards weren’t called Oscars. The gold statuette got its name in 1931 because the director of he Academy thought that it looked like her uncle Oscar. In those days, 250 people paid 10 $ each to watch the remony. However it probably wasn’t that exiting because the audience already knew the winners’ names. These days, no one knows who has won until the famous sealed envelope is opened. Every year in February the American press publishes the titles of films which have been chosen for the competition. On the presentation day there is a magnificent

show in the Los Angeles Music Centre. Awards are given to the best actor, to the best actress, for the best script, for music, etc. Foreign films also participate in the competition. Another tradition is the ceremony of leaving one’s footprints or handprints on the pavement in front of the Chinese Theatre. Some actors consider it too pompous and do not accept the invitation for the ceremony.

A young girl was to be starred in a Hollywood adventure film. There was a place in the script where the girl was to jump from a high mountain into the water. When the girl was shown round the place, she ran to the producer and said, “I won’t make a jump. There is only a foot of water at the bottom of the hill!” “That’s all right,” said the producer, “Do you think we want you to get drowned?”

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