Не в деньгах счастье – Money does not bring happiness

Almost all nationalities have a proverb “money does not bring happiness”. But unfortunately there are very few people who follow to this wisdom.

To my mind it`s bad for a person to have money. If you have a little money you want more and more and all what you live for is to save up money. Such a person become rude, he doesn`t notice anybody, he can`t understand other people and all he wants is to save up money. In my opinion rich people can`t love and nobody can really love them. If anybody is with them he do it only due to money. Apart from this rich people always expose to danger, because everybody wants to kill them and take their money. That is why they have to have a lot of security. They build big cottages, hire security and live in their own world without other


From my point of view happiness is to have friends, family, to love and to be loved and not to be afraid of your life. What is more you feel happy when help people, when do them good. A person can`t be happy living along.

On the other hand happiness is impossible without money now days. Without money you can`t buy beautiful clothes, tasty food, to say nothing of traveling. Now days you can see the whole world, if you have money. And I can`t but say about medicine. Our free medicine leaves much to be desired, that is why if you want to be cured you have to pay money. What is more rich people can afford education in any country of the world and at any university. It gives great opportunity. And of cause you can`t have family without money.

To sum it up I want to say

Another wisdom: “nothing mustbe too much”. A lot of money does not bring happiness, but happiness is impossible without money.

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Не в деньгах счастье – Money does not bring happiness