Экзамены по английскому языку – Examinations in English

Examinations in English can be considered differently. As a well-known English proverb says, “So many man, so many minds”. What are such exams for me?

Being an inseparable part of any curriculum, exams are simple tests to get over or to fail.

It is true, but the role of the exams in English is much more significant.

English is a means of communication and interaction with other people, so a person who learns it, must know how to solve different communicative tasks not only in speaking, but also in listening, reading and writing.

Besides, communication is a personal process, so any person must be taught to work on once own. Exams are like necessary drills for doing that. An exams in English is the right means to get involved in communication. Besides, there is another side of the coin. Exams make it possible to observe the progress made.

For me, any activity should be motivated and exams in English give me such a chance. Working is class

every day together with other students, you can not appreciate your self objectively. Some students consider themselves to be the most skilful while other underestimate themselves. Both may be wrong and only exams can be give definite gradation of the knowledge.

For me it is very important to know my rank among other students to set new goals. Exams make me treat my English studies as a plant and predictable activity. For example, if I fail listening, I’ll make an emphasis on developing necessary skills. I’ll try to listen more authentic speech over the radio of talking specialized courses.

Exams make me work extra on my own plan. I think it is important as it helps to develop such qualities as being persistent, hardworking, independent and all of kind.

Besides, exams make me realize my own responsibility. Taking exams, I can not rely on anybody but myself, so exams teach me decision and to get more disciplined. I think these qualities will help me to reach the tops in my future occupations.

Exams teach me to work regularly which is very important for studding English.

To sum up everything

mentioned above, I can say that exams in English are inseparable part not only in the process of acquiring this subject, but also in up-bringing the right person.

Don`t panic, just follow some strategies of preparation for the examinations. You may listen to the music you like but nevertheless you will need to revise the material for the exam. Well, you may read for the exam during night, it helps to learn a lot but it is not good for your health as the cycle of sleep will be broken. If you sleep at night, you will easily cope with stress at the exam. Don`t shelve revision of the material, the sooner you do it, the better.

Another step is checking what you have learnt; it is useful because it helps to remember more information than usual. Involve your imagination into the learning process, and try to remember what happened in the classroom when the lecture was delivered to you. Imagination and visual memory play a significant role in order to retell the lectures at the exam.

Listen to the music while learning something, because beautiful sounds or melody of your favourite singer might positively affect your rational and creative thinking. Take notes of the lectures or the textbooks you read: concentrate on the main points of the lecture or the topic that bear the essence of what you read. You might learn key words and phrases, rhyming them with something and making abbreviations of those words and phrases.

While learning something, don`t forget to make pauses and relax a bit. The day before exam you`d better revise some basic material and your notes, don`t learn new topics, it will not help anyhow. It is better to believe in events that had already been in your life, so you may imagine the fact that you have already passed the exam with an excellent mark and you open your record book just to look at the notes in it – lovely, isn`t it? When you will be in the room to pass the exam, simply remind yourself the situation that you have already seen in your imagination – it works, it helps to calm down and concentrate on the question you get. And the last thing to mention here is a special amulet – maybe this is your pen or a napkin with flowers on it – that you take with you for feeling confident at the exam.

It`s been more that 2 years since I had my final exams, but the memories of them are disturbingly fresh. Though I was top of the class I can`t say that I didn`t have any problems with my finals. So I`d like to tell you mostly about my negative experience.

My worst exam nightmare was definitely my French oral exam. When I was at school, we weren`t taught how to speak French, we just did loads of grammar exercises and translated texts. So I knew quite a lot of grammar and my written French wasn`t too bad, but I didn`t have any Idea how to have even the most basic comversation. I did quite well on the written papers, but when I came to the oral exam, I couldn`t understand a word the examiner was saying to me. She seemed to be speaking increadibly fast and I just got so nervous I couldn`t think. The examiner was really kind, so she let me go out and have a glass of water. After that I became absolutely calm amd even could lead a simple dialog. At the end of the exam she told me that I had a very good pronunciation. I was so glad to hear that so my mark didn`t really matter to me. But I did get the best mark, obviously!

But that wasn`t the only one worst exam moment. I remember staying up all night ang burning the midnight oil before my maths exam, trying to learn dozens of equations by heart. The next day I refused to talk to everyone before the exam in case they made me forget everything I`d learned. When the teacher finally allowed us to pick up our pens, I immediately wrote down the equations in case I might need them during the exam. And I did, of course.

As you see, exams aren`t an easy thing to overcome. So I stillhave nightmares about the whole experience.

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Экзамены по английскому языку – Examinations in English