Новое сознание или переоценка ценностей – New consciousness or revaluation of values

I have desided to raise a very intresting and deep topic which opens wide horizons and prospects for humankind. This theme is aboute a new phenomen of our time, which can give food for thought about common future. In 21 centery a new concept was born. This is indigochildren who have been entered by psychic Anne Tap.

It is believed that these people are a rase of new generation, with high level of intellect. Also they poss extraordinary telepatic abilities. These people find out word with empiric way, master any technologies with lightness. At the age of three indigo can already cure people, read ideas in the distance, therefore do not undestend why they must talk. These new people poss unusual and inconsistent character. Character traits show up in aspiring to leadership. They are not able submit. It is their internal assence, their nature. Indigo are humane people, which want to build the just world, correct the errors of humunity. In spite of they prefer loneliness to noisy

company. Doctors deagnosed do such children. It is a dificit of attention and hyperactivity. They are sensible to falseness and incinserity. It is considered that they are able to lead after themselves humanity. Indigos poss with a high self appraisal, confidence in the forces. Indigo are indiviualists, having their opinion on diffrent thing. They do not accept authorities. Indigochildren differ in the colour of aura. Their aura is powerful energy of blue colour. The look of indigo is clear, wise, light, benevolent. I belive that the arrival of indigo in our life is nonrandom. The nature gives us a new consciousness, anew stage of evolution to return harmony in the world. They have potencial to teach it usual people. Dispite the entellectual resourses indigo do not assept the school programm. They devide knowledge on necessary and unnecessary. Also they can not undestand the necessity of a passing examenations, considering that they are not obliged to prove the knowledge to someone. There are two popular indigo are Ivan Urgant and Orlando Blum.

Indigo are those people who are capable to help us to get out of a deep

crisis hole, to make revaluation of values, to find new consciousness for people. What society do we live in? The uniform world of scientists has failed. The ideology is created that all the most valuable is already created. It is necessary to use these blessings in own pleasure. The whole layers of a science take off from a cultural heritage. The end of history, philosophy comes, because our society recognises that the main values is a private property, material benefits and financial enrichment, realisation of dream of a beautiful life. But the rare person names high ideals, the truth, justice, art, morals with a fundamental basis of our existence. Unwillingness to apply the deep scientific approach, attempt to leave from the ripened problems aggravates this position. This fact can turn back civilisation destruction. The consciousness transforms the harmonious person to the postperson, which will forget about the main creative mission. We should support indigo children, as one of chances restore the scattered base of our existence. These remarkable people can make overweight of kind forces in our world of chaos and the disorder, to correct mankind errors, to help to understand vital reference points. They not only argue on defects of life, but also see ways of their decision without pressure and violence application. They have supernatural mission to provide to people a worthy life. It is a life where all souls will merge together as native wherelie, a deceit, utopian ideas, ambitions, illusions and eternal errors will not exist. It also is concept of a beautiful life as the life should be filled by spiritual impulses, instead of technical innovations, dollars and unnecessary prejudices.

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Новое сознание или переоценка ценностей – New consciousness or revaluation of values