Мы в ответе за будущее планеты – We answer for Earth future

Unfortunately, I don`t know answers to many questions I do not understand, why my friends speak only about computer games? Why wars in Afghanistan and Iraq “have not got the end”? I don`t know why people on the North Caucasus can not live without war? I can not understand, why some people deny Jew Holocaust at 2nd world war? Why Ukraine president Viktor Ushenko proclaimed Stepan Bandera national hero of Ukraine? I don`t know, how could London boy gather 270 000$ for Gaitis children?

If I will study human organism possibility I will try to found answers to these and other questions. Special for me interesting human brain possibility. Scientist doesn`t answer to many questions about motives human acts, which exciting society. I think, what if I will study genetic, biology,

Chemistry, physics, psychology, I will come to the true, which now don`t famous in the society.

And what is “health”? It is the lack of illnesses. It means that you enjoy

your life, work well and are happy.

So, health is the man`s greatest wealth.

Of course you can inherit some health problems from your parents, but you can always keep your health if you want.

Very often people are ill because of their laziness and greediness, sometimes unreasonableness.

Of course medicine can treat successfully people for many illnesses, but it can`t teach them to be healthy. Your health is in your hands.

Now many people think more about their health. They understand that to be healthy is very important, because if you have health you`ll overcome the different difficulties.

Last week I interviewed my classmates and found out that fast all of them are

For the healthy way of life. Only two of us smoke, none of us drink alcohol or take drugs. All children go in for sport. We eat fruits and vegetables every day. We don`t eat fat food.

My classmates decide to work out the code of the rules of the healthy living guide.

Not to overeatTo have a correct dietGo in for sportGive up bad habitsSleep seven or eight hours

I think all these rules are

really a good way to live.

Climate is the weather a certain place has over a long period of time. Climate has a very important influence on plants, animals and humans and is different in different parts of the world. Some scientists think that the world is becomming hotter. If you compare Moscow winter and summer temperatures at the beginning of our century and at its end you will see that climate has really changed. Winters have become warmer. Sometimes there is little snow in January, and there were winters when it rained on the New Year`s Eve. Many people say that it is so because of the greenhouse effect. During the last 100 years people have produced a lot of carbon dioxide. This gas in the atmosphere works like glass in a greenhouse. It lets heat get in, but it doesn`t let much heat get out. So the atmosphere

Becomes warmer. Where does the carbon dioxide come from? People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. Trees take this gas from the air, and produce oxygen. But in the last few years, people have cut down and burn big areas of rainforest. This means there are fewer trees, and, of course, more carbon dioxide! As we see the climate in different parts of the world changes a little from year to year. These changes can be dangerous for our planet, which needs protection. Earth is millions of years old, much older than the humans. We know many of its secrets. Yet there is still much to learn.

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Мы в ответе за будущее планеты – We answer for Earth future