Хорошие качества человека – What traits of character I appreciate most of all?

The burning issues of modern world are various, but the most burning ones are the moral and spiritual. The relationship of people and the relations of the countries depend on the solution of these problems. It is necessary to solve the problems on the international scene, economic, ecological and educational as well. The answers to the moral questions are in the legends, stories and parables. These are the answers that people have been collecting for ages. And if you see that all these legends and proverbs of different nations are alike, it means that morality is single for all people. This is why people understand each other though theyspeak different languages, and follow their own traditions.

A human being is the whole world and if you want to explore it, you need to know

Yourself better. Usually a human being thinks that he is better than he is in reality, he thinks that he deserves more than he possesses, that he can teach others how to behave and in return he does

not need the piece of advice of other people and he (human being) does not want to be treated the way he is not fond of.

There is nothing bad if you strive for becoming better, more intelligent and for highlighting your dignity. But it is bad if self-respect or self-esteem is an obstacle on the way to get closer to other people, and it prevents from friendship especially. That is why generosity and tolerance are the best traits of any human being. Time is a strict tester, it tries people and their relations and friendship is also tried by the time. Friendship, word or promise, deed, love, duty and honour are the qualities that any person should possess. A man of his word and deed are often met in real life. Others follow their way of life. These people are faithful friends, they will never betray in any case, and they may be relied upon.

When I was told that this competition allows any topic to be discussed, I thought, “What could be able to affect all people without exception? And I think I have found such a topic.

I am sure that everyone, looking at themselves in the mirror, has given a think

to such questions as “Who am I? Why can I think? Why can I long and rejoice, love and suffer? Why, eventually, do I realise that I am myself? Also what is life? What is my purpose here and does it really exist? And what will be after my life? Will I disappear into thin air as though I never existed orwill I pass into some other world?”

Even if you believe in something that seems absolutely certain, how can you be sure of your being right?

Humans will have been reflecting on these issues from

Time immemorial. Ancient philosophers put forward ideas about the objective reality, the existence of the mankind, and now that a thousand years has gone by, the question raised so long ago has not been given a convincing answer. It is impossible to count the number of opinions, doctrines and standpoints mentioning these issues… And how many religions are there in the world, with their adherents believing that only their religion is true? And how can you possibly prove your point? Even atheists, who don’t stick to any religion, search for the answer to the question – where have we come from? They may well believe that death puts an end to a human’s existence on the Earth, but it is only a belief in the ocean of others. Some of them might be right, some of them may even

Know the absolute truth. None of them will have come close to solving the problem. There might be a kernel of truth in each of the views, but they cannot explain in a simple and unambiguous manner how to put the parts the jigsaw puzzle together and see what remains behind the curtain… After all, the issue caused numerous conflicts in history. The Crusades are a clear case in point! An awful lot of victims, a huge death toll… And for the sake of what? For the sake of an unprovable truth? The mankind should search for the answer together, instead of limiting itself to a kind of framework and sticking rigidly to the same standpoint. Let’s take the example of natural science to hand. In the field of physics or chemistry, as soon as someone has found a defect in a theory, all scientists of the world undertake a research in quest of the solution to the problem until they find it. Nevertheless, nobody has come up as yet with an answer to the most crucial question “What will be THERE?” – theanswer which would be accepted by a vast majority of people.

Why is it so that once you meet a person in the street, probably absolutely by chance, then you exchange a couple of words with them, and then you cannot forget that person through your whole life? You start searching for that person everywhere, deep in your soul you hope to see them again in a huge city, which is a task bordering on the impossible, and then, having abandoned all hope, a year later, you are walking on the same street and you hear behind your back, “I’ve been looking for you for so long. You cannot even imagine…”

Is it just hormones, pheromones or some other discoveries of the scientists on which they shift responsibility for such a feeling as love? But, after all, it does occur that you are staying at home in loneliness and dial a random number, a sheer combination of numbers, to hear in the receiver a surprised “Hallo”. And then, ten years later, you are woken up by the words “Good morning, darling”, pronounced in the same tender voice which has become so dear. Can hormones have such an effect? These may be the halves of what used to be the single whole in another world before being born on the Earth. And probably, this whole is a half too, but of some other, even more perfect whole. Perhaps all our life is only a dream, and after death we will simply wake up to think, “WOW! I have never thought…” Maybe “our Universe is nothing more than a part of an atom of a blade of grass,” as Stephen King put it in his book “The Dark Tower: the Gunslinger”.

But in this case, all things must have had a beginning. On the other hand, this beginning could not have appeared out of nothing, it must have been conceived. Perhaps it is an incomprehensible question within the limits of our three-dimensional world. And maybe, someone will read my essay to try to find the answer…

I am sure that, sooner or later, someone will work out the answer to all these questions. Someone will tell the world about this mystery and will be able to show incontestable proofs. Maybe then all people will understand why they are here, who they are, what their purpose on the Earth is… Probably they will stop to kill, destroy, hate each other, hunt after pieces of paper called money, it being none other than their own invention, an invention that isn’t worth a human life.

Anything is possible…

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Хорошие качества человека – What traits of character I appreciate most of all?