Может ли мир без тебя? – Can the world exist without you?

Can the world exist without any person? And what role can a person play in the modern world?” – I have asked myself and have come to the conclusion that the given themes are seldom shown up nowadays, and it is not good. Many people have simply stopped appreciating, noticing and respecting all those people who surround them. But it is wrong! It is impossible to live only in the environment of yourself. Albert Einstein said that a person could find the meaning of the life, only having devoted himself to the society. In my opinion, these words are reputable and should be the reference point for each person.

Actually the role of any person is great in the world and we are obliged to appreciate and understand it. At times we don’t always notice the acts of people, but it doesn’t mean that the world can live without them. Each person is perfect and unique in his own way. Everyone brings his contribution to the development of an enterprise, a city, a country. And everyone

leaves his traces about himself. But we mustn’t deny the given statements as people are the most precious gem on the Earth. If to consider the most usual people whom we meet every day in streets, they are builders, cooks, engineers, drivers or programmers. At first sight one could say there isn’t anything special in them and the world can exist without them but if to think thoroughly we can realize how much good and kind can be born with the help of these people! Someone asks: ‘‘Can’t the world do without only one person?’’ It can sound strange, but it isn’t like that! After all, all of us make up a huge, integrated whole: all of us are a single soul. Probably, another question follows: how does the world survive when a person dies? The answer to this question is this: a person can’t live his life without any traces and there will be memory in the hearts of many people. While memory is alive, the person also continues living!

Also I would like to tell that there are no absolutely ideal people. People supplement each other. After all nobody is perfect without all the rest as well as all the rest

are imperfect without an only person.

I would like to complete the composition with the words of wisdom: “A person is a part of a whole which we call the Universe…” Analyse these words and the world will change for you…

The world is a huge and difficult mechanism in which everything is interconnected. All details of the mechanism work harmoniously. Each of them is responsible for a certain aspect. Gear harmoniously rotates, screws turn, pistons move and springs straighten restlessly. And all of it inspires solvency, integrity and unity. There are no suspicious noises and scratches. A diligently working mechanism utter a wonderful sound.

If only one of the details is out of the action, the whole mechanism can fail, start functioning incorrectly at any moment. Absolutely every detail and slightest bolt are important for working of themysterious mechanism.

Each of us is one of the details of this mechanism which is skillfully done according to exact drafts in the heavenly workshop. And once upon a time this detail has been introduced in the mechanism. It has fitted this harmonious system surprisingly neatly, engage it’s place, started turning and hooted. It is impossible to present the mechanism actions without this gear.

Certainly, every detail can break or bend because of hard work, it can even fail. Naturally, it is possible to find a new gear which won’t be ideal but will work. Probably, a new shining detail will work not worse than the previous but it will change the whole work of the mechanism. We can’t help noticing these metamorphoses. It will be another new mechanism. There will be no song which sounded before.

It means that the surprising and unique world can do without us but it will be the world which existed with us.

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Может ли мир без тебя? – Can the world exist without you?