A Frenchman in England

A Frenchman was once travelling in England. He could speak English, but not very well. His vocabulary was not large. One day he was eating in a small country hotel and he wanted to order some eggs. But he couldn’t remember the word for eggs. Suddenly, through the window, he saw a rooster walking in the yard. He immediately asked the waiter what the bird was called in English.

The waiter told him that it was called a rooster. The Frenchman then asked what the rooster’s wife was called. The waiter told him that she was called a hen. The Frenchman then asked what the hen’s children were called. The waiter told him that they were chickens.

The Frenchman then asked what the chickens were called before they were born. The waiter told

Him that they were called eggs. “Fine!” said the Frenchman. “Please bring me two and a cup of cof-

Fee”. Do you think the Frenchman found a clever way out?

What about the food people

eat! I know a man who only eats natural food; he takes a lot of vitamins. I’ve never seen anybody who looks so ill! I like good food and I think most healthy food is really tasteless. For breakfast I usually have toast and coffee, and at weekends when I have more time I have bacon and fried eggs. If I get hungry in the middle of the morning I have a bar of chocolate then for lunch a sandwich (made with white bread, of course). After a day’s work in the office I’m pretty hungry and in the evening I like a big meal of meat and potatoes. My ill-looking friend is horrified by what I eat; his breakfast is a piece of wholemeal bread with a cup of herbal tea and then for lunch he has rice – and in the evenings, beans and a salad. He says it’s very good for him, but I’m not sure. There’s nothing wrong with being healthy and keeping fit but with some people it’s about a religion. Nothing can make me go jogging. No, thank you, I’d rather sit and have a cup of coffee while the joggers are out running around the streets. I get my exercise walking to the bus stop on my way to work.

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A Frenchman in England