Swift and His Lazy Servant

Swift, the famous English writer, was one day travelling on horseback with a servant. The weather was bad; it was raining and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to bed Swift told his servant to clean his boots, as they were very dirty. But the servant was very lazy and did not do what his master had said.

The next morning when Swift saw the dirty boots, he asked the servant why he had not cleaned the boots. The servant answered that he had not cleaned the boots because they would soon become dirty again. “The roads are muddy. What is the use of cleaning the boots now? They will soon be dirty again”, he said.

Swift did not say anything and soon told the servant to get ready because they would start at once. But the servant looked very displeased and said that he had not eaten his breakfast yet. Swift answered that they would go without any breakfast. “What is the use of eating now? You will soon be hungry again”, he said.

Out of the answers given below each question choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

C) On horseback, c) His maidservant, c) Windy. c) To feed the horse, c) He forgot about it. c) He left ‘him hungry. Which kind of travelling did the famous writer prefer?

By car. By bicycle.

Whom did he travel with? b) His servant.

His friend. Sunny. To clean his clothes.

What was the weather like?


What did Swift order to do?

To clean his boots.

Did the servant carry out his master’s wish?

Yes, he did. No, he didn ‘t want.

How did the master punish his servant?

He didn’tpay him. He didn’t notice him.

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Swift and His Lazy Servant