Cricket is a long game, requiring anything from three to five days for competition. Progress is often slow; and there is no certainty that a result will be achieved even when two teams play for the best part of a week. A healthy majority of Anglo-Saxons are fond of cricket, and the game is immensely popular.

You can see lunch-time crowds standing 10-deep round a shop window where a television set is showing a big game. To some Englishmen, cricket is just a boring old game (it started in 17th century in England) played by twenty-two fools in long white trousers. To others, it has the intellectual fascination of chess and the dramatic appeal of a five-act play. But even those who hate it most have to admit one thing: that it’s given a useful phrase to the language. If a man says something is “not cricket,” he means it’s unfair, unsporting and un – English. “It’s not cricket” to run off with your best friend’s girl. “It’s not cricket” to kick a man when he’s already down.

The problem with cricket at the moment is that many people think it belongs to the England of the past: “Cricket is old-fashioned, dignified and non – violent. Cricket is against the spirit of the times.”

But England without cricket would be like Hamlet without the Prince, bacon without eggs. Long may it thrive! What Is the World Record? A young man fell ill. He was in bed. When the doctor came, he took the young man’s temperature. “How high is it, Doctor?” the young man wanted to know. “It’s thirty-nine”, said the doctor. “And what’s the world record?” asked the young man.

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