Clever Poor Man

One day a poor man was riding along the road. In the afternoon he was tired and hungry, so he tied his horse to a tree and sat down to have his dinner. A rich man came to that place and began to tie his horse to the same tree. “Do not tie your horse to that tree”, said the poor man, “my horse is wild, it will kill your horse. Tie it to another tree”. But the rich man answered, “I’ll tie my horse where I like. “So he tied up his horse and also sat down to eat his dinner.

Soon he heard a great noise. They ran up to the tree, but it was late-the horse of the rich man was killed. “Oh, my poor horse”, cried the rich man. “You must pay me for it “, he said to the poor man and brought him before a judge. The judge asked the poor man: “Is it true that your horse killed his horse?” The poor man said nothing. The judge asked the poor man many questions, but the poor man did not answer. At last the judge cried:

“What can I do. This man is dumb. He cannot speak”. “Oh”, said the rich man, “he can speak. He spoke to me when I met him”.

“Are you sure?” asked the judge. “What did he say?”

“Yes, I am sure”, answered the rich man. “He told me not to tie my horse to the tree where his horse was, because his horse was wild”. “Oh”, said the judge, “now I see. The man told you that his horse was wild, so he shall not pay for your horse”.

Then he said to the poor man: “I asked you a lot of questions, but you did not answer them, why?” The poor man said: “I did not answer you because I knew that you would believe a rich man and not a poor man. Now the rich man told you everything and you know who is right”.

Mark each true statement “T” and each false statement “F”.

The poor man was tired in the evening and decided to have a rest.

The rich man tied his horse to the same tree. The poor man warned the rich man about the wild character of his horse. The horse of the poor man was killed. The rich man wanted to be paid. The judge asked the poor man a lot of questions and he explained him everything. The rich man was dumb. The judge s decision was not to pay for the horse. It was absolutely clear for the judge who was right.

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Clever Poor Man