Enrico Caruso

The famous Italian singer Enrico Caruso sang in many countries of Europe. He visited Russia, France, Germany, Spain and many other countries. Everywhere he was a great success and his name was well-known all over the world. Caruso knew that he was famous, but he liked to repeat the sentence:” No man is so well known as he thinks he is”. Once he was invited to the USA to give some concerts. When he was driving to New York, his car broke and he had to stay at a farmhim. The farmer agreed to do it. While the farmer was repairing the car, Caruso was invited into the house to have a rest.

When the farmer finished the work, he entered the house, too. He informed the great singer that his car was ready and he could drive on. Caruso was very glad to hear it. He paid the farmer for the work and gave him a photo. It was a picture of Enrico Caruso.

On the back side of the photo Caruso wrote his name. He thought it would be pleasant for the farmer to have a picture of the

famous singer. The farmer took the picture, looked at it very attentively, then he looked at Enrico Caruso. He realized that it was the picture of the man whose car he had prepeared. He wanted to know the name of the man, so he read what was written on the back side of the picture. After that he cried out: “How lucky I am! You are Robinson Crusoe! I’ve never dreamed of receiving the greatest traveller in the world in my poor house!”

Out of the options given below choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

Enrico Caruso was…

The well-known traveller. the unknown scientist. the famous singer. America.

c) spend free times with friends. c) his car was broken. c) drive a car. c) have a rest. c) a letter and spectacles. c) in the newspaper. c) read the newspaper. c) surprised. He came to… Јt

Russia. Spain.

He was invited to…

Give the concert. go sightseeing.

Caruso had to stay at a farm-house because

He was tired. he was hungry.

Caruso asked the farmer to…

Give him money. repair his car.

The guest was invited to the farm-house to…

Sing a song. have breakfast.

The farmer was given…

Money and a photo. a newspaper and a magazine.

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Enrico Caruso