Он был просто солдат – He was only the soldier

The most terrible war in the world was over many years ago. The new generations have grown up. They can know about those horrible days from books, films or the stories of the eye – witnesses. There are few of them now. But we mustn`t forget about everybody, because they are our memory and pride.

I want to tell you about one of these people. His name is Ivan Reshetnyak. He was so young when the war began. He had to face a lot of sufferings. In 1941 he paved the way through the Ladozhskoye lake.

One day we invited him to our school. He told us about that nightmare which he and his friends had to go through. He and his friends lived in the dug – outs, which were built on the banks of the lake, so they were always under the fire of the enemy. He couldn`t say without

Tears how the people died from hungry, but they didn`t burry them, the water took them away.

But they did everything to remain standing and save people of blockade Leningrad.

The veteran has the medal “For the defense of Leningrad”. And it is the dearest medal for him.

On the 9th of May I`ll without fail go to the veteran and say: ” Thank you, the soldier! For your courage. That you and millions of other people rose up for the defence of the Motherland, didn`t waver and upheld the honour of it till the last patron, the last knock of the heart.

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Он был просто солдат – He was only the soldier